[[tiptoes onto WordPress to see if she remembers her password]]


“We are nearing the halfway mark of life’s greatest indulgence–VACATION! ”  <———— These are the words that I so optimistically typed back in mid-June, before life got in the way of my favorite hobby, writing about life! That post has been gathering dust for so long that I’ll have to review our photos to even remember what we did with our time off. ;)

Blogging is a fun way to document our family adventures so that we can later revisit this time in our life. In the sleep-deprived world of a parent, that can be incredibly valuable–I’m amazed at how many little details about my kids’ infancies have already begun to grow fuzzy in my mind. In many ways, blogging also became a way for me to write about some of life’s important transitions and experiences in a way that helped me understand them more fully. Writing therapeutically, really.

I’ve given lots of thought to how Drew and Owen might regard this blog in the future. Heck, Drew can already sound out some words so it doesn’t take too much of an imaginative leap to think about him reading these posts. About him. Thus I’m starting to feel a bit differently about writing about my kids’ emotions, behaviors, and challenges. I don’t want my words to reshape their memories. I don’t want our family and friends to make assumptions about who they are, based on what I’ve written.  So my desire to blog has lately been set aside for my desire to journal privately. Still a writer at heart, but a bit more introverted these days.

However, Drew and Owen each quip their fair share of funny comments. The adorable pictures of boys with sky-blue eyes and golden blonde hair continue to overstuff our computer. The blog isn’t disappearing forever… but it’s definitely (obviously) on the back burner in my life.

Thanks for stopping by. :) Talk to you soon, internet!

This kid's joy is so palpable.

This kid’s joy is so palpable.

Drew's first fish!

Drew’s first fish!

S'mores at Itasca State Park-- the kids are SO zonked here!

S’mores at Itasca State Park– the kids are SO zonked here!

Crossing the MIssisippi Headwaters

Crossing the MIssisippi Headwaters

My little animal-loving sweethearts.

My little animal-loving sweethearts.

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  1. Aww, they are so cute. Sad to hear you’re not blogging anymore, but I understand. Life happens. It’s an interesting comment to think that your words will shape your boys’ memories. I never thought about it like that, but it’s true that I “remember” things based on what my mom wrote in my baby book. Hmm, some food for thought.

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