Social Butterflies Lately


A few brief recaps from last weekend for you. This post started out at least twice as long but when I imported some photos, they wiped out a bunch of text and then WordPress immediately “autosaved” the draft so the words were gone. Rats…. 

My best friend has recently started a new gig as publisher of a Macaroni Kid newsletter for the Plymouth-Golden Valley-St. Louis Park area of the Twin Cities. (Check it out if you are local!) Her enviable job (though it’s a big one) is to check out kid-friendly activities and events in the area, and let parents know what fun stuff is coming up. She’s working on a series about staycations and invited us to check out an area hotel/pool this past Friday. I balked a little bit at the task of collecting all the STUFF necessary for a day at work and school plus swim gear, but I’m so glad that I did. Do you remember the inexplicable thrill of walking into a hotel room as a kid?! I particularly enjoy this as an adult, but as a kid it’s like passing over a threshold into “let’s be crazy” zone. The boys spent lots of time driving toy cars in the window sill while Becky kindly cooked us dinner in the kitchenette. After a delicious, warm dinner and a THRILLING elevator ride, we checked out the pool.


Even with man-on-man defense for our little swimmers, I still didn’t have an opportunity to take photos of the swimming. Sorry! Drew and Owen were very cautious and quiet at first. Let me tell you… feeling Owen’s chubby, goosebumped arms wrap around my neck as we walked towards the pool made me feel very needed. He seemed to be especially taken aback by the noise level that accompanies an indoor pool. He whispered to me, “Mommy? I can’t tell if people are talking to me!”

This excursion was confirmation that the boys are pretty nervous around the water and I’m vowing to get them more exposure this summer. We’ve been remiss in finding opportunities for the boys to swim–be it in lakes or pools. Drew took swim lessons before Owen was born, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to fit lessons in since then.

On Saturday the boys accompanied me to not one but TWO “grown-up” parties– a baby shower for my cousin Katherine and a housewarming party for our friends Karen and Brett. Karen and Brett’s brand new house has a soon-to-be-dismantled putting green in the backyard and the kids enjoyed using the little flags in each hole to putt balls in.


This is my aunt Jody trying to help me corral the four boys into a picture together. Drew is also being “helpful” in trying to demand that Robert stand in a line with them. We never quite accomplished it! Robert is my cousin Emily’s son and Parker in the red hat is my cousin Kelly’s son. I’m not sure we’ve had them all in one spot previously!


The boys did pretty well with all this socializing, but we were happier with a simpler schedule for Sunday– a casual late afternoon meal at my parents’ house. Grandma and Grandpa came as well thanks to our newfound proximity, and the boys had a blast playing in the yard. Memorial Day will go up as a separate post as soon as I remember what the heck I was going to say!

After such a long and lovely weekend, we were already pretty wiped out when we started this week, which included Drew’s final soccer game on Tuesday (post forthcoming). Bedtimes have been a bit rough with all this excitement, and I’m hoping for a little extra rest and relaxation this coming weekend.

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  1. Definitely a different than usual Memorial Day. No cabin to go to, is something I have a hard time wrapping my head around. The pictures as usual are fabulous. Thank you for the enjoyable read.

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