Friends Dinner, May 2013


I really can’t remember if I’ve written previously about our monthly dinners with three other couples from college. Let me catch you up to speed. Every month since 2006, we have had dinner with three other couples from college. We call them “Friends Dinners.” We are really creative like that. ;)

Actually, we really were quite creative to start with. We’d take turns hosting, set a theme, and each couple would bring something to share– either main dish (host), side, drinks, or dessert. I think the following photo is from December 2009’s Friends Dinner:



And this is July 2011:DSC_5289In recent months, we’ve tried to keep the menu a bit simpler than some kind of fancy roast that requires baking twine and stuffed apples. While the fancy factor has dropped decidely, I think I can say that we all agree that this is a FABULOUS tradition that we plan to keep. On Memorial Day we hosted FD with burgers:


and (brace yourselves) hot dogs. Normally I wouldn’t be embarrassed of them, but THIS is how they turned out when I boiled them for too long. Grossy.DSC_3013

Jill ambitiously planned some wonderful sounding bars, but realized later in the shower that she’d never added the flour. ;) We’ve ALL done that before (in my case I doubled most ingredients but quadrupled the butter and then set the dessert on fire from all the extra butter), and we ALL appreciated the replacement dessert, ice cream cones.

Isaac (age 2, will be 3 this summer):


All the boys (left to right: Owen, Lars, Drew, Isaac, Finn):


For comparison’s sake, the same crew from two summers ago  (left to right, Finn, Lars, Isaac, Owen, Drew):


Owen, age 2:


Finn, age 2:DSC_3047 Lars, age 4 (5 this summer):DSC_3046

This dinner also marked a very momentous occasion– the induction of two beautiful little girls into the “Friends Dinner” family! We’ve waited a long time for Greta’s inaugural dinner, but needed to wait for the flu season to pass before she could come within a 10-mile radius of my germ vectors children. Both Greta and her beautiful, five-week-old cousin Elise were rockstars, barely flinching in the midst of the chaos that comes with five boys under the age of five.


Elliot and Greta, who snuck in a little porch snooze. :)


Elise and her totally smitten father, Anders.

Monday’s gathering also featured a Turtle Release Party. In case you didn’t know, this is similar to a CD Release Party, but with no musicians and it includes a ceremonial dumping of a painted turtle into the grass. Andy had caught “Rainbow” while mowing on Saturday and we kept him for a few days. A quick Google search and we knew that turtle care FAR exceeds our skill set, but it was fun to observe him for a few days and catch worms for him. (Which of course he never ate.)

Owen was particularly interested in our little “pet” and frequently pulled a chair up to the cage so he could sit quietly and watch Rainbow. Even though I’ve sworn several times that I refuse to buy fish again, I think I will probably cave after seeing Owen’s sweet interest in the turtle.



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  1. What a sweet post. I love the photos that show the growth of all the families. I bet you never thought ten years ago, that you’d all be running around with all these kiddos. Fun times. You guys should bring them camping.

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