Random Musings of a Sleep-Deprived but Generally Cheerful Mama


Drew last night referred to his humidifier as a “formid-ifier.” So adorable. I must incorporate into my own vocabulary immediately. Many of Drew’s mispronunciations have disappeared without much fanfare… I guess that’s exactly how children grow up right before your very eyes. Thankfully, he still mispronounces flamingo as “flingolo.” I will most definitely cry the day he figures that one out!

Random Musings Adventure Mama3

Within 24 hours of his creation, this is what has become of Lurkey the snowman. By the time we left for work and school on Monday, morning, she was leaning terribly. By Monday afternoon, this:

Random Musings Adventure Mama1

The following weekend, we created a snow unicorn. He lasted maybe four or five days before Andy called me to the front door late one night. “Uh, Kels? I think the snow unicorn went to the big Lisa Frank folder in the sky.” We are practically operating a snow creature cemetery in the front yard.

Random Musings Adventure Mama5

A few months ago, Owen picked up this bear that had been given to him by the EMTs when he had pneumonia in  August. The bear had been ignored for months, but suddenly he couldn’t put it down. Nor should he. I love how he twists his hand into the bear’s t-shirt. His interests have expanded to other clothed bears (Winnie the Pooh for example), but this remains his favorite. He calls him “Beaw.” A few nights ago around 3:00 in the morning he started crying in his room. As I stumbled in, I saw him crouching over a crumpled brown sweater and gingerly lifting it from the ground, wailing, “Noooooooooooooo! Beaw!” In his 3:00 a.m. logic, bear had morphed into a sweater, and this was the most tragic thing to befall him in his young life. I tucked him back in bed and hooked Beaw under his arm. Owen said, “I feel bettew” and drifted back to sleep.

Random Musings Adventure Mama2

A few weeks ago I gently rubbed Owen’s belly to wake him up from a deep sleep. After he slowly sat up, he suddenly shouted, “I’m ready for donuts!!” Fast forward to this morning. I pull into the gas station and Owen shouted out, “Donut please!” This child has a mild donut obsession, dontcha think?

In the dead of winter, color is so important. I surround myself with it. A prism of happiness. Do you ever read whatever? It’s basically a love letter to God and rainbows. And I love it. (I initially had to look past the title of the blog. I hate the word “whatever.”)
It was -14 degrees when the kids and I left the house one day last week. After work I bought Drew a swimsuit. I needed to remember the good things that are to come. I needed to hold these good things in my hands.
A few Fridays ago, the boys and I met up with Becky and Isaac for the “Gym Jam” at Bierman Field. This is the indoor practice field for Gopher athletics, and the event was a fundraiser for the Lab School, which is another school for kids that’s affiliated with the U of M. It’s pretty much the best idea for a January fundraiser… ever. Open up a space with nice green bouncy turf, add about 50 playground balls, and let the kids RUN RUN RUN. Wide open spaces for jumping, throwing, running, spinning, and tumbling is exactly what these boys (and their parents) needed after being shut in during a full week of sub-zero temperatures. We will definitely be going again next year.
Andy’s much-liked Facebook status from last week: “Today at daycare, Drew noticed that he and his 30-something female teacher both had on grey shirts, blue t-shirts and and jeans on. He then proceeded to drop his pants and say ‘I’m wearing red underwear, can I see yours?'”
I love how the following photo really captures ‘everyday life’ at our house. Andy is wearing a necklace that Drew had just made–all the blue beads plus some animals. Drew and Owen are reading books to  Daddy while he eats a late dinner after work. Scout is begging for a scrap. Colorful and imperfect and US. :)
Random Musings Adventure Mama 12
Drew has a CRAZY long attention span. Last weekend, we played “lion” for about 2.5 hours without taking a break. This was our den. When we finally moved on to a new game, it was to play “tiger.” Ha! Random Musings Adventure Mama 11
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  1. I really enjoyed reading your musings. Now I think I’ll go hug my “Bear”, and maybe eat a “tookie.” By the way do you remember going to the Crosby Bakery on Saturday mornings? You had to get enough donuts for you and the school bus driver to have one each school day. Oh, also that last picture is adorable. If I may add one more thing….Owen isn’t wearing any britches.

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