Step One: Cut a Hole in the Box


“What do you think we’re getting for Christmas?”


#InappropriateElf 2011 by for

Step one… cut a hole in the box…..#InappropriateElf 2011 by for




Jill at Baby Rabies is hosting an Inappropriate Elf Contest, with the winner receiving an iPad 2. This is my entry–fingers crossed! Check out her blog and see all the other crazy elf shenanigans.

EDITED: Please visit the Inappropriate Elf Contest and click “Like” on #23 (my entry). The top three vote getters will be in the running to win an iPad 2. You can vote once a day, and you don’t need to register to vote.

(If Elf on a Shelf is a mystery to you, click here.)

(If it is a mystery to you why my elf has a bad goatee and a box mysteriously hanging from his crotch, click here.)

If it is a mystery to you why I’m posting this even though my grandmother-in-law reads my blog, scratch your head and move along. ;)


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  1. I LOVE your entry! Which I probably shouldn’t because I’m one of the Inappropriate Elfers too, but your photos are awesome and I’m a crazy mad Dick in the Box fan, so there you have it. Simply brilliant! Thanks for making me laugh and think “outside of the box.” (heh heh heh)

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  5. I think this picture was stolen and submitted to a FB group called “Elf on A Shelf Gone Bad.” I recognized it from the Baby Rabies contest. Here’s the link:

    (P.S. I tried to find your blog email so I could email you about it, but I couldn’t. Hope you see this so you can get the matter sorted out if you weren’t the one that submitted the photo to the group!)

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